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Football , because it is the most practiced sport in France and the most publicized, must offer, especially to young people, an exemplary image because sport must remain a celebration of humanity and fraternity.


Rediscovering sportsmanship Sport carries high moral values which make it an exceptional means of education and an irreplaceable factor in personal development, social integration and human advancement.


Sportsmanship is also respect for human values which must prevail in any event over the challenges of competition, economic issues included.


These values are:


- The effort:


Sport is first and foremost a personal commitment and a desire to surpass oneself, and a quest for excellence. Physical discipline is his requirement. Combative ardor and the will to win flow from it, but will only be virtuous if combined with self-control and respect for others.


- Loyalty:


Sport is a game defined by rules, without which there is no sincere competition. Absolute respect for the rule is the condition of equality of opportunity between competitors and can, alone, guarantee that at the finish, the result is based solely on value. Respect for the rule must be sought not only in its letter, but also in its spirit: it is the "ethics" of the athlete.


- The respect :


Sport is respect for others, as it is respect for oneself and one's body. The player who hits an opponent is actually hitting himself. Sport is not war and the adversary is not the enemy. Mutual respect is the condition for competition to elevate man, whether actor or spectator, in his dignity, rather than revealing his lowest instincts. Having sportsmanship means trying not only to be a good player, but above all a good-looking player, respectful of the rules, of the referee, of the opponent and of the partners, modest in victory and without resentment .  in defeat.


- Brotherhood :


Sport unites men in effort, regardless of their origins, social level, opinions or beliefs. It is a school of tolerance, solidarity, and a factor of human rapprochement. It is also, in a world where inequalities are increasingly flagrant, a formidable tool for individual advancement and social integration.


- Solidarity :


Team spirit is an essential component of sportsmanship. The search for individual performance must sometimes give way to the collective interest. Generosity, abnegation, mutual understanding, even humility, are as virtuous as the will to win. Sport is also a school of solidarity.

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